Snapshots of Life with Bombays

Usually we take pictures of cats on our smartphone "as is", but sometimes we take staged photos. To do this, we dust off our portable photo studio, charge up with positivity
jera бомбейская кошка с огромными выразительными золотыми глазами
But first things first. Let me introduce you to our first Bombay cat: Sweetlife Arizona of Jera, or Risha, as we affectionately call her at home. She was born in 2009, but she still makes us happy with her boundless energy and love. To make a series of runs on the furthest path of the house - this is about Risha. That said, however, she has a wonderful character and allows herself to be loved wholeheartedly. In 2017 Risha received the honorary title of Oustanding Dam in the TICA system
бомбейская кошка Sweetlife Arizona of Jera в парке на камне с цветами
Our second cat is Jera "Yoda" Rogneda. As it should be the ancient Belarussian princess, she is spectacular to the extreme. Yoda not once defended the honor of the cattery at numerous shows and breed shows. Twice she became Regional Winner TICA and received the highest title of Supreme Grand Champion. Despite her merits, in life Yoda is a loving mom and gentle pet with no star disease. No sooner have you sat down or laid down than Yoda is on top of you. And in diagonal runs through the house, she sometimes beats Risha. Yoda loves to learn about the world around her, so you can see her both learning how a robot vacuum cleaner works and philosophizing by the window
бомбейская кошка Jera Rogneda Supreme Grand Champion TICA
Since we are talking about exhibitions, sometimes we travel all over Eurasia in pursuit of titles, awards and excitement. We recall with enthusiasm exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, Finland (despite the bitter cold, people there are very warm), the Czech Republic and Hungary. Often there are themed exhibitions, such as Halloween in Poland.
питомник бомбейских и бурманских кошек Jera на выставке в Варшаве
At shows, Bombay cats and kittens from our cattery love to be the center of attention
бомбейская кошка лежит на подушке
заводчик Мария Буланова держит бомбейскую кошку на руках
бомбейская кошка позирует с тыквой
глаза бомбейской кошки
бомбейская кошка на выставке карабкается на декорации
третье место на выставке в финляндии достается питомнику Jera кошка Тая
И первое место на выставке в финляндии достается питомнику бомбейских и бурманских кошек Jera питомец Рунги
Грумер Надежда Румянцева показывает как готовить бомбейскую кошку к выставке
все призы на выставке бомбеям!
стенд бомбейской породы на выставке в москве
At least but not at last, meet our "American Boy-Going With You" Rodion. Or to put it in an adult way, Corney Rod of Jera. Rodick came to us from the USA. He is the most gentle and reverent cat in the world. He is always around, follows us on our heels. He always brings a smile to our faces when we are sad), and his ramming engine never stops. Rod is a serious guy with a big open heart. Sometimes the introvert in him wins out and he prefers to be alone with himself
бомбейский кот Corney Rod of Jera завернутый в плед
As you can see, our Bombay cats and kittens live in love and care, so they are socialized, playful and cute...

...sometimes they look like a gang...
три бомбейских кота-бандита
...sometimes as cute little darlings...
...they can always surprise you with crazy stunts...
...but one thing we know for sure, life with the Bombays is definitely better!!!
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