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Here is life with Bombay cats in photos.

Usually we make photo on our smartphones, but sometimes we make a portable photostudio. This is a backstage photo from our site session.
backstage photo for our site with breeders and bombay cat
jera bombay cat with big golden eyes
Let me please to introduce our first bombay cat : Sweetlife Arizona of Jera, or Risha - as we are calling her at home. She was born in 2009. She has a beatufull character. Risha got Oustanding Dam title in TICA in 2017.
 Bombay cat Sweetlife Arizona of Jera in a park on a stone with flowers
Our second cat is Jera "Yoda" Rogneda. She is our little SuperStar. She got TICA's Regional Winner (twice) and Supreme Grand Champion titles.
 Bombay cat Jera Rogneda Supreme Grand Champion TICA
Sometimes we participate in CatsShows. We were in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, Finland, Hungary etc. This photo made on TICA Halloween CatShow in Poland.
Bombay and Burmese cats Jera Cattery at show in Warsaw
When we are on show, Bombay cats and kittens from Jera Cattery likes to be in the middle of attention.
Bombay cat lies on a pillow
breeder Maria Bulanova holds a bombing cat in her arms
Bombay cat posing with pumpkin
 eyes of a bombay cat
Bombay cat at the exhibition scrambles on the scenery
The third place at the exhibition in Finland goes to the cattery Jera cat Rungis
 And the first place at the exhibition in Finland goes to the cattery of Bombay and Burmese cats Jera, pet Tayia
 Groomer Nadezhda Rumyantseva shows how to prepare a Bombay cat for an exhibition
all the prizes at the show to bombays!
 Bombay breed stand at an exhibition in Moscow
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Here is our american boy Corney Rod of Jera. This is a gentle boy who is always nearby. He will always make you smile if you are sad
Bombay cat Corney Rod of Jera wrapped in a plaid
So, as you see, our cats and kittens lives in love) so they are well socialized, playfull and pretty.

Sometimes they looks like a CatsGang)))
 Three Bombay Gansta Cats
...sometimes they looks like a little cuties))
...they can allways surprise you with crazy tricks
...but one thing we know for sure, life with bombays will never be the same...
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