we tame bombays for you

since 2007.
With LOVE......

We can help you tame the Bombay!
Building a connection with a Black Panther is akin to forming a partnership, which necessitates a serious approach.

маленькие бомбейские котята в корзине
Знакомство с Зёмой
Зёма рассказывает про своих родителей и свою жизнь
All of our pets live with us in the house, receiving affection and attention, they have wonderful temperament.
In Snapshots of Life you can see the everyday life with the Bombayans.
Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky...
In some catterys animals, especially often unsterilized cats, still live in cages.
According to the laws of many countries this amounts to cruelty to animals.


We oppose caged housing and animal cruelty in catteries and ask that you do not support animal cruelty!!!

With home rearing, kittens are quickly and easily accustomed to good manners from an early age. They become familiar with different kinds of claw boxes, waving toys, litter boxes, and other cat props.
Bombay kittens from our cattery, moving to a new home, are fully
vaccinated, chipped, have international veterinary passport, pedigree, confirming their origin.
We conclude a contract with all new owners, which spells out the responsibility of both the new owner and the breeder.
6 week
8 week
Comprehensive vaccination
12 week
Comprehensive revaccination + antirabic vaccination
16 week
Ready to go!!!
Kitten relocation plan diagram
The chart is for reference only
For individual planning please contact us
Here live our kittens
Why are we on the same way? It's simple, because:
Бомбейская кошка и котенок (мама и дочка)
We have 15+ years of felinological experience
We take part in felinology congresses, take part in courses and veterinary conferences. This gives us the opportunity to build a breed development program based on the health of the pets.
Бомбейская кошка и маленький котенок (дочки-матери)
Our kittens live in many countries
We offer delivery of our Bombay kittens anywhere in the world.
Bombays from our cattery live in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Canada, Israel, Sweden and other countries.
Маленький бомбейский котенок помет литер Т
10+ champions were born in our cattery
Our main felinological system is TICA. In our cattery more than
ten Bombay cats which have received titles TICA Supreme Grand Champion and TICA Regional Winner.
What are you getting?
we pay attention to the education of each kitten, as a result:
You will tame a healthy Bombay kitten ...
Our breed program is based, first and foremost, on the health
Bombay kittens.
... with a complete set of documents ...
All kittens are moving to a new home with all
documents (chip, passport, pedigree, contract).
... and individual support
We provide lifetime-long informational support
kitten owners.