What do you need to buy and how do you prepare the house?

To make your Bombay cat's stay in your home as comfortable as possible, you should buy him the following things:

  • Food and water bowls: they should be stable, made of natural materials such as ceramic, glass or metal. Don't forget to wash the bowls periodically and change the water for clean water every day. You can also put a special mat for bowls and clean it periodically.

IMPORTANT!!! Don't forget that a cat's whiskers are sensory organs. If the diameter of the bowl is less than the width of the whiskers, it may be uncomfortable for the cat to eat or drink from such a bowl.

  • Toilet and litter box: Preferably an enclosed litter box with high sides. The best type of filler is lumpy, with no extra flavorings (a Bombay kitten may not like the smell) and it must not produce a lot of dust. Additionally, you can put a mat under the toilet. Don't forget to disinfect the toilet periodically (wash it with soapy water).

  • Clawfoot and house. Depending on the preferences of the Bombay cat you can buy a vertical or horizontal scratching post. You can easily make a vertical scratching post by winding the string (try to choose natural materials, such as sesal) on the leg of a table. The house must have a roof for sheltering the kitten from the rain 😊 Besides houses Bombay kittens like very much laying boxes i.e. houses without a roof. You can cost-effectively convert any horizontal surface in the house into a doghouse, blending seamlessly into the overall comfort. Please note that houses and couches need to be washed regularly, so consider the capabilities of your washing machine when buying or making your own.

  • Carrier: It's worth buying a good carrier for important trips, such as to the vet's office. Remember that Bombay kittens do not like the cold, so if you live in an area with a cool climate, you should prefer an insulated carrier, or one with a possibility of warming.

IMPORTANT!!! For the first few days and nights, leave the carrier in which the kitten arrived on the floor open so that the kitten has access to it. It may be the only safe, familiar place for him in a stressful environment. Pretty soon, your love and affection will put the safe carrier in a distant closet.

  • Toys: Bombay kittens love to play, so it's worth stocking up on a sufficient variety of wiggles and toys, good if they are rustling or tinkling. Never play with animals with laser pointers (you can damage the retina!)

  • Claw trimming: Bombay kittens and adults require regular (once every 2-3 weeks) claw trimming. Special scissors or clippers can be used for this. You can also use ordinary sharp scissors with blunt ends or nail clippers. For more information on trimming claws see the article "How to trim claws correctly".

IMPORTANT!!! Safety first!!! Every year hundreds of cats jump out of open windows!!! Install mosquito nets or any other kind of netting on the windows, before moving your kitty in. Or open the windows only for airing. Kittens are very curious, their sense of security is almost atrophied.If you buy this minimal set of things, the Bombay kitten will be very comfortable in your home. Of course, you should not forget about love, which should be a lot, often and from the heart! 😊
Congratulations, you are getting a kitten!