How do I vaccinate a mature cat (10 or more years old)?

So, let's imagine the situation, we have a 15-year-old cat. What vaccinations should he get? What's the schedule? Let's look into it.

IMPORTANT!!! Do not forget that vaccination is a procedure performed by a veterinarian!

The first thing to do is to find out if this is the first vaccination or if the pet has had them before. If there is no reliable evidence of old vaccinations, or if you picked up a kitty on the street, then consider it as if he has never been vaccinated.

Then he should have been:

  • deworming, then wait 1-2 weeks and

  • a complex vaccination (rhinotracheitis, calciverosis, panleukopenia), we wait 4 weeks at last

  • complex revaccination + anti rabies vaccine. Since these two vaccines are repeated every year, they are usually done at the same time.

We wait for quarantine (about 30 days, however, this may differ from country to country) and, voila, our cat is ready for adventures.

IMPORTANT!!! Mature cats often have chronic diseases, which can worsen after vaccination. Ideally, the day before you should have an initial veterinary examination and take tests (OAC, biochemistry).
Some veterinary clinics offer package examinations for cats depending on age.

Do not forget that the pet may not easily tolerate the vaccination, he may be lethargic for a few days, lose his appetite. The main thing is not to miss severe complications and immediately contact a veterinarian, if necessary.
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