What does the bombay kitten cost consist of?

Congratulations! Your desire to buy a Bombay kitten is already commendable, because the Bombay breed is truly amazing. Many buyers are concerned with the question, what is the price of a Bombay kitten and why is it what it is?

Let's sort it out together. When talking about the cost of a Bombay kitten, there are two components to consider: the direct costs of raising a kitten, and the indirect costs associated with cattery operations.

  • The direct costs of raising a kitten do not depend on the breed, but depend on the country where the Bombay kitten was bred, as there are different costs for veterinary care, food and filler. Kitten needs all veterinary manipulations, which includes the absolute minimum: registration of the international veterinary passport, chipping, deworming, two-times vaccination, as well as neutering if Bombay kitten was purchased as a pet, registration of a veterinary certificate for transportation of the kitten. Plus the cost of feeding kittens and litter.

  • Indirect costs include many additional expenses incurred by the cattery that allow the breeder to raise Bombay kittens in good breed type. This includes buying good, healthy breeders, arranging comfortable housing for them, going to felinology shows, training breeders in veterinary and genetic courses, and much, much more.

If you decide to buy a Bombay kitten, you must remember that thanks to the work of breeders, you get a healthy, beautiful kitten with an excellent character, which will become your friend for many years to come. The cost of Bombay kittens allows the cattery to continue to delight many owners with the results of their work - beautiful Bombay kittens, which we all love so much!
Congratulations, you are getting a kitten!