How to pair bombay cat with another cat/dog/parrot?

You're getting a kitten! How do you pair him with another cat/dog/parrot?
Bombay kittens are friendly and like to socialize, so they are often taken into homes where other animals already live.

However, for the kitten to quickly make friends with other four-legged family members, it is worth following a few rules:

  • When moving into a new home, it's a good idea to initially set up a separate room for the kitten where other animals won't have access. After a while you will see that the kitten is adapted to the new place: he eats regularly, goes to the toilet, sleeps in the house, lies or sits on different surfaces, does not hide from people, and is free to contact.

  • Next you should visually introduce the kitten to his new friend. Remember that a Bombay kitten who grew up in a breeder's home, may never have seen other animals before, and may be frightened. It is better to take both animals in your arms, and show them to each other at first at a distance, do it calmly but confidently, without loud noises or sudden movements.

  • Then, if the kitten feels comfortable, you should bring the animals closer to each other so that they can feel and get used to the new smell. If you see that the introduction goes smoothly, you can let the animals go.

  • Depending on the temperament and behavior of both animals, this brief introduction in the owners' arms may have to be repeated several days in a row.
Remember that proper, careful introduction of a Bombay kitten to other four-legged family members is the key to their good relationship in the future!

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