A few words about chipping Bombay kittens.

All Bombay kittens born in our cattery undergo a mandatory chipping procedure. Why do we treat chipping not as a possibility, but as a necessity?

What is a chip? It is a small microchip transponder in the form of a tiny capsule containing information about a unique code. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice. The outer shell of the transponder is made of hardened biocompatible glass or ceramic. How does the procedure for chipping a Bombay kitten work? There is no need for anesthesia during this procedure, as it is fairly quick and virtually painless. The chip quickly takes root in the upper layers of the dermis and does not cause any discomfort to the Bombay kitten.

Why do pets need to be chipped?

  • Chipping allows a pet to be identified and is a healthier alternative to branding. Opens the opportunity for the owner to visit many countries with their pet that require a chip (all European Union countries, for example).

  • Makes it easier to find lost pets or find lost owners (which can also happen).

Contrary to popular belief, the procedure of chipping is not included in the list of expensive procedures, and therefore has very little effect on the price of a Bombay kitten. However, there are many advantages of chipping, and therefore all Bombay kittens from our cattery go to a new home with a chip.

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