Feeding cats with dry food.

Every manufacturer claims that their food is perfectly balanced and suitable for feeding kittens and adult cats. But is it really so?

There are several types of industrial cat food:

  • Economy class feeds - the poorest in composition and highly not recommended for feeding a Bombay kitten, these are feeds that use soy protein, waste from meat plants, starch, etc.

  • Premium quality - better suited to a kitten's diet, but still too low in meat and therefore unhealthy for your kitten's health, so you should stop using it.

  • Foods holistic - the highest quality of dry food, ingredients for the manufacture of such food are carefully tested for the presence of hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and dyes, with a high percentage of meat content.

If you feed your kitten dry food, you should give preference to brands of holistic class, as the richest in composition. When choosing food you should also consider the weight, age and characteristics of your kitten or adult cat.

Do not forget that while feeding dry food, the animal must have clean water at free access.

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