Natural cat nutrition.

Recently, feeding with natural products has become more and more popular among breeders and owners, as it is closest to the natural feeding of cats in the wild. So how to choose the right diet for this type of feeding?

A natural diet needs to be properly balanced, this article is in no way an inducement. Any transition to a natural diet for cats and kittens who were previously fed dry food should be thoughtful, ideally, if it is accompanied by advice from a professional veterinary nutritionist. It is worth to choose the right composition and feeding regime, especially careful to transfer to natural feeding kittens in active growth stage, cats with chronic diseases or overweight, as well as cats that were fed dry food for a long time. In some countries you can find ready-made diets of natural food, but it is worth remembering that every cat is individual, and not always a standard diet can be ideal for everyone.

On the other hand, many breeders claim that when cats are fed properly natural food, their immunity increases, their mood improves and their coat is in excellent condition, so all the difficulties of converting to natural feeding are paid off by excellent health and good physiological indicators of the animals.
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